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  • Replica of a Colchian Tetri, Didrachm.Colchian Tetri, Didrachm, Kolkhidki.

    Ring made of sterling 18k gold-plated brass

    Ring size : adjustable

    Coin diameter : 1,7cm


    Made in Georgia

  • On obverse: Lying hermaphrodite lion to the right/left with a head turned back.


    On reverse: Kneeling female figure with a bull’s head to the right/left in quadratum incusum.


    “Colchian tetri” is a name of a coin group. Initially, the name “Colchian tetri” was attributed to the II type hemidrachms (the same triobol. Obv. Archaic female head to the right/left within the linear circle or in border of the dots; Rev. Bull’s head to the right within the linear circle). They are abundantly represented in West Georgia and are without doubt of the Colchian origin.

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