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  • Original bronze coin from XI century.

    Michael VII Dukas bronze coin ( 1071-1078 ). Coin set on a sterling silver handcrafted surrounding structure. Necklace made of sterling silver. Coin in bronze.

    Chain length : 55cm

    Coin diameter : 2,8 cm


    Made in Georgia

  • Michael VII Doukas or Ducas nicknamed Parapinakes (Greek: "minus a quarter", with reference to the devaluation of the Byzantine currency under his rule), was the senior Byzantine emperor from 1071 to 1078. He was known as incompetent as an emperor and reliant on court officials, especially of his finance minister Nikephoritzes, who increased taxation and luxury spending while not properly financing their army (which later mutinied). Under his reign, Bari was lost and his empire faced open revolt in the Balkans. Along with the advancing Seljuk Turks in the eastern front, Michael also had to contend with his mercenaries openly turning against the empire. Michael stepped down as emperor in 1078 and later retired to a monastery.


    Michael VII Doukas married Maria of Alania (Bagrationi), daughter of King Bagrat IV of Georgia.

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