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  • Replica of a Georgian Abazi coin.

    Georgian coin struck in Tbilisi in 1804-1834 with the effigy of crown. Coin set on gold plated sterling silver handcrafted surrounding structure.

    Coin, setting and chain made of 18k gold plated sterling silver.

    Production time : 5 days

    Chain length : 55cm 

    Coin diameter : 2,2cm


    Made in Georgia

  • On obverse: Crown, palm and olive branches. Georgian legend – ტფილისი Tbilisi.


    On reverse: Georgian legend: უ /ქართული/თეთრი/ჩყდ 400/Georgian/tetri (silver)/1804. 

    Russian legend, initials of die-engraver: П. З.


    On September 15 of 1804 there was the mint inaugurated in the former royal bath celebrated by issue of the commemorative medal.

    Russian government imposed unified type for silver and copper coins struck at Tbilisi.

    Silver coins were struck at Tbilisi in 1804-1834 and copper coins – in 1804-1810. The following silver nominals were issued: 40, 20 and 10 kopecks; and copper nominals are as follows – 2, 1 and half kopeck. Dates  and nominals are indicated by the Georgian letters: უ (=400), ს (=200) and რ (=100) for 40, 20 and 10 kopecks; კ (=20), ი (=10) and ე (=5) for 2, 1 and half kopecks.

    There are the Russian initials placed under a date on the silver coins:  П. З. – Peter Zaitsev, А. Т. – Alexander Trifonov, А. К. – Alexei Karpinsky, В. К. – Vasil Kleimenov. They were die-engravers.

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